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Air Filters
Amsoil EA Air Filters
The Absolute Best Air Filtration Available for Cars and Light Trucks.
Guaranteed for 4 Years or 100,000 miles

PowerCore® Air Filters
AMSOIL offers premium air filters that utilize PowerCore™ filtration technology for Ford 6.0L Diesel PowerStroke™ and GM H2 Hummer 6.0L Vortec™ applications.

PowerCore® Air Filters

Ea Motorcycle Air Filters (EaAM)

AMSOIL has brought Nanofiber technology to the motorcycle market. AMSOIL Ea Motorcycle Air Filters hold 15 times more dust than a wet gauze type filter. Their nanofiber media removes 5 times more dust than traditional cellulose filters and 50 times more dust than wet gauze.


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